Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What types of motor insurance are sold in NLGIC?

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Compulsory Insurance
  • Compulsory Insurance + PA

What are the typical factors used for calculating the premium for my car?

  • Comprehensive - The premium for car insurance is calculated as a percentage of the value of your car. If you have had any accidents, it would be factored in to the premium. If you have not had any accidents, we offer a no-claims bonus with the renewal of your policy
  • Compulsory - The premium for car insurance is calculated as a fixed value. If you have had any accidents, it would be factored in to the premium. If you have not had any accidents, we offer a no-claims bonus with the renewal of your policy

What is Policy Excess?

Also known as ‘Deductible’, the Policy Excess is the fixed amount of money that you have to pay for each and every claim you may have – the Policy Excess is there to offer you a lower overall premium for your car insurance

Is the premium same for all types of cars?

The premium for cars vary based on the usage and vehicle types and in addition to that excess also will vary.

How can I get Roadside Assistance and is there any extra amount to be paid?

  • The Roadside assistance is an additional cover/benefit will be given as part of product when there is promotion otherwise the insured shall pay extra amount for availing the service.
  • Roadside Assistance covers towing services, battery services, lock-out, fuel and mechanical first aid.

Can I driver my car in Sand Dunes?

Sand Dunes are not allowed. Many roads in Oman are still not paved and the standard comprehensive insurance does not cover your vehicle for accidents happening on non- paved roads such as dune driving, access roads to the beach, construction sites etc. With the Off-Road cover, you are covered on such roads

What is meant by total loss?

When the estimated cost is greater than 75% of the car’s insured value, it would be considered as a total loss

What are important things to open a motor claim?

  • The claim form available at NLGIC shall be filled.
  • Excess has to be paid to initiate the claim
  • The insured and the involved third parties should be present for open a motor claim.
  • In case of minor accident, minor accident shall be submitted.
  • In case of major accident, Police Report shall be submitted.
  • Medical Bills and Related Medical Documents shall be submitted.

How the vehicle claims are processed at NLGIC?

  • When the vehicles are having the Agency Repair Cover, the vehicle shall be assigned to Agency.
  • When the vehicles are not having the Agency Repair Cover, NLGIC follows the transparent method in assigning the garage to the vehicle claims.

What should I do if someone makes a claims against me?

As per regulatory, the fault party in an accident shall be identified and claims will be reported to the respective insurance company.

What are the cover offered under Comprehensive Personal Plan(CPP)?

Benefit Event
R.O 3000 Natural Death
R.O 8000 Accident Death
RO 1000 Reimbursement Accidental Medical Expenses (AM)
RO 1000 Reimbursement Permanent Total Disability due to Accident (PTDA)
RO 1000 Reimbursement Permanent Partial Disability due to Accident (PPDA)
RO 500 Reimbursement Repatriation
Max.RO 1000 or 75% of Monthly Income(whichever is lesser) Total Temporally Disability due to Accident (TTDA) (Salary Certificate is compulsory)

Above is subject to production of satisfactory documents
Refer to policy document for details or call us

What is the maximum age and minimum age at entry ?

Minimum age at entry is 18 years and maximum age at entry is 54 years as on last birthday

Who can buy CPP?

Any resident of Oman can buy CPP

What is the geographical limit for CPP?

Yes. Accidental benefit coverage is only for events which take place in Oman

What is the premium for CPP?

Premium for CPP is for 1 year – OMR 21.300 and for 2 years – OMR 42.600

What all can I cover under the Home Contents Insurance?

Household good and personal effects(up to limits specified in the policy) owned by you or by your family members residing in the same premises.

What all I cannot cover under Home Contents Insurance?

Cash, Currency Notes, Bank Notes, Stamps, animals, crops etc.

Does the policy cover contents whilst shifting of house or while traveling?

No, it is covered only when it is present in the premises declared in the policy during a claim.

Does the policy cover contents outside the house in open?


Does the policy cover the contents if the house is unoccupied when I am on a holiday?

Yes up to 60 days.

Do I need to pay any amount at the time of claim?

Yes. Rials 25 for each and every claim.

How can I pay the premium?

You can pay the premium online or through NLGIC APP or any of our Branches/Agencies/Brokers in Oman

How much premium do I have to pay?

The Annual premiums applicable for options under Home Contents Plan are as below:
1. Plan 1  RO 19  Contents worth RO 5000
2. Plan 2  RO 37  Contents worth RO 10000
3. Plan 3  RO 75  Contents worth RO 20000
All plans above include cover of personal belongings worth RO 500

I have a home in Ruwi and another in Qurum. Can I cover both houses under one policy?

No, you have to take a separate policy for each home. The policy is applicable only for the premises named in the certificate of insurance.

I have 3 houses in Muscat, 2 of which are given on rent. Can I buy this insurance for all my houses?

No. Since Hayatuna Home Contents Plan policy covers only the household items and not the structure of the house, you can buy this policy for the household items of only the house that you stay in.

I live in a twin villa with my brother. Will one policy cover the home contents of both villas?

No. The Home Contents Plan policy taken by you will cover the home contents of the villa that you live in. Your brother will have to take a separate policy to cover the contents of his home.

Can I cover my valuables in the policy?

Yes valuables include jewellery, gold, silver, watches, and cameras. The maximum cover available is RO 500 for personal belongings.

Under what circumstances can I claim under the policy?

Under the Policy you can claim for damages caused to your Home Contents by:
• Fire • Burglary(not theft) refer detailed wordings.
• Cyclone • Storm, Tempest & Flood (STF)
• Inundation due to natural calamities
• • Earthquake • Lightning
• Accidental damage by falling trees • Explosion
• Riots & Strikes

What information do I need to give in application form?

You have to give your name, location address, risk cover option and signature in the application form.

What will happen if I have contents more than the plan selected by me?

The maximum benefit available under the policy will be to the extent of sum assured (subject to terms and conditions of the policy and deductibles as mentioned) chosen by you. You will not be penalized for choosing a lower risk coverage.

Do I need to inform the insurance company if I buy a new item?

Not Unless the Value is within the sum insured selected. If the value exceeds, then the decision of change of Plan under the insurance policy will be at the discretion of the Insured.

Can I upgrade the policy from Option1 to Option 2?

Yes, but subject to approval from the Insurance Company.

At the time of taking the policy, do I need to provide any valuation or list of items to be covered?

A. Yes, if the single item value exceeds RO 500/-

What should I do in case of claim?

You should immediately, not later than 15 days from the event, inform NLGIC branch of the loss and report the claim. NLGIC, at its cost, will depute a surveyor at the site of loss to assess the cause and damage.

Can I cancel the policy?

Yes, you can cancel the policy anytime by giving a written request to any of our branch/from where you purchased the policy.

How much will I get in case I loose all the contents in the premises?

You will get RO 5,000 in option 1 and RO 10,000 in option 2 and RO 20,000 in option 3.This is as per the maximum limit cover chosen by you.

Does the policy cover theft?

No. The policy only covers burglary which will have a clear evidence of forceful entry to the house having insured contents.

Does the policy pay if someone breaks the window or door and enters the house and takes the contents?

Yes, a loss due to such an event is covered under the policy and will have to be supported by an ROP report at the time of making the claim.

What are the documents required for making a claim?

The insured needs to provide the following documents to make a claim:
• Completely filled Claim Form
• Certificate of Insurance
• Copy of the national ID / resident card
• Police report, in case of burglary and loss of valuables
• Police or Fire Brigade report, in case of fire

Is there an age limit?

Yes, the age limit is 65 years

Am I allowed to buy your insurance, independently from nationality or country?

Yes, you can buy our insurance independently from nationality and country subject to you are holding a valid Omani resident card.

I want to buy for a family or a group of people. Can I do so?

Yes, you can buy both Individual policies only. However, a policy for family or a maximum member of 10 can buy a policy. The policies issued will be individual in nature.

Do I need a visa?

No, Visa is not required to procure our Travel Insurance

Can I pay for someone else?

Yes, you can, subject to the proposer and insured are in agreement for the same. However, the refunds and claims will be processed in the name of the insured only.

Do you provide an invoice after purchase?

Yes, a payment confirmation with your details is provided after purchase via e-mail.

How do you send the documents of insurance?

We shall send your insurance documents by e-mail after payment.

I have not received my documents. What should I do?

You can visit any one of the nearest NLGIC branch.

How long do I have to wait for the refund of my cancelled insurance?

Our payment provider treats all the request within 24 hours. Depending on the bank and the country of the card holder, it can take from a few days till several weeks.

Does the name of the insured (the person paying the premium) appear on the insurance certificate?

No. Only the person covered by the insurance is shown on the certificate. The name of the insured is shown in the special conditions.

Will the insurance documents be sent by post?

We shall send your insurance documents by e-mail. You will not receive a paper version.

What is a pre-existing condition?

Pre-existing condition is any sickness, disease or other medical condition of the Insured Person which requires medical treatment and which was known by the insured person and diagnosed before purchase of NLGIC travel insurance.

What are different types of schemes available?

  • Silver – 2000 OMR, 3000 OMR and 5000 OMR
  • Gold – 2000 OMR, 3000 OMR and 5000 OMR
  • Platinum – 5000 OMR and 10000 OMR
  • Bronze – 2000 OMR and 3000 OMR

What are the factors used for calculating the premium for my Policy?

The Premium depends on the Age of the Insured person and the cover (as above selected)

What is the difference between above type of Plans?

The basic difference between three types is the access to hospitals/clinics that is available. While Platinum grants you access to almost all clinics/hospitals in the Sultanate of Oman, the same is restricted in case of Gold and further in case of Silver. The amount mentioned is the maximum cover available in Omani Rials

What is Policy Excess?

Also known as ‘Deductible’, the Policy Excess is the fixed amount of money that you have to pay for each and every claim you may have – the Policy Excess is there to offer you a lower overall premium for your Insurance

What are the clinics/hospitals where I can go for any treatment?

For complete list, visit our website http://www.nlicgulf.com/network.html

How do I get the benefit when I go to any clinic/hospital?

Once you reach a clinic/hospital, present your card at the reception. They will guide you for further steps. In case of any problem, you can call our Call Centre for assistance, whose number is given at the back of the Card

Why is there a gap of 15 days between Insurance and Start of Cover?

This gap has been given to enable the offices to get your Medical Card ready for you, so that you do not lose a single day of cover. The cover is for full year after 15 days. Also, there is no such gaps on renewals in subsequent years

When do I get cover for pre-existing conditions?

The same is available from 2nd year onwards of continuous cover

Who can buy this product?

Any citizen or resident of Oman availing Loan Facility from registered Financial Institution can avail this Policy, which can be used as a collateral against the Loan being taken

What are the factors used for calculating the premium for my Policy?

The Premium depends on the Age of the Insured person, amount of Loan being taken and the tenure of loan for repayment

Is this Insurance Policy accepted by the Financial Institutions?

Most of the Financial Intuitions in Oman accept the Individual Credit Life Insurance issued by National Life & General Insurance Co SAOG

What are the Covers available?

The Basic Cover available is Death due to any cause. Additionally, one can opt for Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, Additional Term Insurance – as per the need

What happens if the Loan is repaid in Full before the scheduled term?

In that case, upon receiving a valid discharge and original Policy document from the branch, a part of the premium is refunded as per a fixed formula defined in the Policy Document

Is there any Medical Requirement for taking this Policy?

Medical Requirements depend upon the Age of the person to be Insured and the amount of Loan taken by him/her. For more details, please contact any of our offices